CP Holiday Train

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train was in Wisconsin on Saturday, December 5, 2015.


A reproduction of the train for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) can be purchased from http://www.tigertrains.com/tigershop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=292

TigerTrains CP Holiday

An older version of the same train is available from Stream Lines, usd.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=42904&p=42904-CPHT2010&q=1&v=0&d=0&lnk=http://www.streamlines.ca

The Holiday Train was in Portage, Wisconsin on December 5, 2015, see video at https://youtu.be/4iSc5UUYtvE

Repairing the CNW Chicago Route

Route: http://www.digitalrails.com/2021/02/cnw-chicago-route.html

Use TsUtils with Route Riter to identify these errors.

—> ‘TrJunctionNode(426)’: UiD-Number (-11583,14425,243) does NOT refer to Track/Road (Static)!
‘TrJunctionNode(426)’: Connection between Shape-Id and UiD is not available!
‘TrackNode(426)-TrPin(0)’: ‘0-Reference’ of the Node-Definition may cause error(s).
‘TrackNode(426)-TrPin(1)’: ‘0-Reference’ of the Node-Definition may cause error(s).
‘TrackNode(426)-TrPin(2)’: ‘0-Reference’ of the Node-Definition may cause error(s).

To correct this error open the track database, CNW-Harvard.tdb, in a text editor. Delete track node 426. Since there cannot be gaps in track nodes renumber the last track node 3184 to 426, and adjust the two references to this node and decrement the track node counter.

Making Tracks routes

Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) routes that were created by Making Tracks. Their stock packs have been posted to https://tsshonline.weebly.com/mt.html

LSE:London & South East Download

IEN:Irish Enterprise North Download

IES:Irish Enterprise South Download

GE1:Great Eastern Download

GE2:Greater Eastern Download

SCE:Scottish Capital Express Download

Evesham Branch Download

NWC1:North Wales Coast Download

NWC2: North Wales Route Expansion Pack Download

Route Expansion Packs

Irish Enterprise Stock Expansion Pack Download

SCE Activity Expansion Pack Download

SCE BR Sector Expansion Pack Download

The Evesham Branch Expansion Pack Download

Bonus stock Download

Shape Viewer requires DEFAULT folder

In order for Shape Viewer to display a consist (.con) file the DEFAULT folder must be present. This folder is relative to the consist file.

If your consist folder is C:\TrainSimulations\TRAINS\consists then the default folder must be C:\TrainSimulations\TRAINS\trainset\DEFAULT.

If the default folder is missing then Shape Viewer will not show the consist. No files are needed inside the default folder.

Track speed

The maximum speed a train should operate on track is set in four locations.


In the route.trk file the maximum speed for the entire route is set in meters per second (m/s). The name of this file is defined in the RouteID and should match the name of the folder containing the route.

SpeedLimit ( 26.8224 )

Speed posts

In the track database file route.tdb the maximum speed is set for trains in the direction of the speed post. For the speed post the limit is 60 mph, the second attribute of element SpeedpostTrItemData.

    SpeedPostItem (
        TrItemId ( 1186 )
        TrItemSData ( 124.177 00000006 )
        TrItemPData ( 443.845 173.534 -12513 15030 )
        TrItemRData ( 443.845 301.293 173.534 -12513 15030 )
        SpeedpostTrItemData ( 898 60 -0.0392686 )


In file sigcfg.dat the maximum speed when a signal is passed for each indication is set. For a restricting indication the limit is set to 20 mph.

SignalAspect ( RESTRICTING “Flashing Red” SpeedMPH ( 20 )

Temporary restrictions

In the activity file activity.act temporary speed restrictions are defined. The temporary restricted speed is set in the route.trk file in meters per second (m/s).

        ActivityRestrictedSpeedZone (
            StartPosition ( -12513 15030 402 178 )
            EndPosition ( -12513 15030 526 166 )
TempRestrictedSpeed ( 6.7056 )