Parsing SIMIS files

The files used by Train Simulator are Unicode text format. The first line is a signature related to the file extension. Following are elements and attributes.


Wagon ( CN_ES44DC_2304
  Type ( Engine )
  WagonShape "ES44DC extra"  ( "2304a.s" )
  FreightAnim ( "2304b.s" 1 1 )

Strings must be enclosed within quote (“) characters if they contain spaces. The elements are composed of named identifiers, an optional name, open parenthesis, attributes, and close parenthesis.

CN 2304 Train Simulator

Open Rails does not correctly handle optional names except for anim_node elements.

CN 2304 Open Rails

It does not display the shape, “2304a.s”, but does display the following freight animation, “2304b.s”.

To continue a quoted string on multiple lines use a plus (+) operator. It is an error to not have a closing quote before a line break.

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