Invalid and missing terrain textures

The textures painted on the ground are located in the TERRTEX directory and referenced from tile (.t) files located in the TILES directory.

    terrain_shader ( AlphaTerrain
        terrain_texslots ( 1
            terrain_texslot ( brownfield.bmp 1 0 )
        terrain_uvcalcs ( 1
            terrain_uvcalc ( 1 0 0 0 )

The format of these textures must be ACE and other formats such as BMP will cause errors.

Another type of error will occur if the texture is not available. The error will be reported in Route Editor and may crash Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS).

Invalid data can crash Route Editor

Invalid data in the track database or world files can crash Route Editor. One example of an invalid speedpost is:

Speedpost (     
         UiD ( 220 )     
         Speed_Digit_Tex ( signnumbers.ace )     
         Speed_Sign_Shape ( 2 -0.4 5.6 -0.02 0 -0.4 5.6 0.02 3.14159 )     
         Speed_Text_Size ( 0.2 0.2 0 )     
         TrItemId ( 0 700 )     
         TrItemId ( 0 701 )     
         TrItemId ( 0 702 )     
         TrItemId ( 0 700 )     
         TrItemId ( 0 701 )     
         TrItemId ( 0 702 )     
         FileName ( cnw-milepost.s )     
         Position ( -603.481 195.426 -666.616 )     
         QDirection ( 0 0.713485 0 0.70067 )     
         VDbId ( 4294967295 )     

The error for this speedpost is

File 0131: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\Routes\CNW-Harvard\World\w-011544+014423.w'
           Tile.X = -11544, Tile.Z = 14423, Tile-Address = -04ee6200
           No optional Entry 'VDbIdCount' found!
---> 'Speedpost(220)-TrItemId': Too many entry-definitions (5) found! (internal Restriction)
1 Errors in world-file found!

After the three duplicate TrItemId elements are removed the route loads. Route Editor will only display the first 4 elements.

Repairing orphaned track

Track can be removed from a world file but remain in the track database. To remove this orphaned track using Route Editor transform the orphaned track in the track database to track that can be selected and deleted.

After the orphan track has been converted to normal track.

The converted track has been removed.

Repaired track database CNW-Harvard 2021-04-06

Repairing the CNW Chicago route

Errors in the track database prevent this route from being loaded in Activity Editor. After these errors have been repaired the route can be loaded.

Use TsUtils with Route Riter to identify these errors.

—> ‘TrJunctionNode(426)’: UiD-Number (-11583,14425,243) does NOT refer to Track/Road (Static)!
‘TrJunctionNode(426)’: Connection between Shape-Id and UiD is not available!
‘TrackNode(426)-TrPin(0)’: ‘0-Reference’ of the Node-Definition may cause error(s).
‘TrackNode(426)-TrPin(1)’: ‘0-Reference’ of the Node-Definition may cause error(s).
‘TrackNode(426)-TrPin(2)’: ‘0-Reference’ of the Node-Definition may cause error(s).

To correct this error open the track database, CNW-Harvard.tdb, in a text editor. Delete track node 426. Since there cannot be gaps in track nodes renumber the last track node 3184 to 426, and adjust the two references to this node and decrement the track node counter.

Repaired track database CNW-Harvard 2021-04-05

Missing matrix name

When a shape file has a matrix element without a name Open Rails will not show that shape. It will include a message in the log like the following:

Warning: System.IO.FileLoadException: d:\ts glacier-express 2\trains\trainset\x4900_auvergne\xrabauvergne.s d:\ts glacier-express 2\trains\trainset\x4900_auvergne\ —> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Orts.Viewer3D.SharedShape.LoadContent() in E:\Documents\Coding\Jenkins\jobs\Open Rails Stable\workspace\Source\RunActivity\Viewer3D\Shapes.cs:line 1459

The wagon shape between the two engines is not shown in Open Rails

Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) will show the shape but the element will not animate.

A source for a shape with this problem is from

Archive file with corrected shape with original shape in bad folder.

Making Tracks routes

Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) routes that were created by Making Tracks. Their stock packs have been posted to

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Evesham Branch Download

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Route Expansion Packs

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